Nation's Top Ranked Long-Term Care Specialist

Mary Ann DeKing

Mary Ann DeKing is regarded as the nation’s leading specialist in Long-Term Care planning. This has been a passion for her since she entered the industry after a personal experience with long-term care.

Her father endured a six-year journey through hospitals, caregivers, assisted living facilities and, finally, a nursing home. In addition to the emotional turmoil that was placed on her family, she saw her dad’s care expenses at home were high.  The last 12 months of his life, monthly care expenses were even more. Medicare did not pay one single cent of these expenses for her father, which surprised her. You see, Mary Ann’s family had no advance plan other than their love, concern, and the family’s bank account.

She came to realize the reality that despite the health insurance and taxes we all pay, long-term care is not covered by health insurance or Medicare until a person spends down most or all of his/her assets. Then, Medicaid (the medical public aid program) will provide some benefits in a Medicaid bed.

Mary Ann recognizes now that people must plan in advance while they are younger and healthier so this financial and emotional burden is not placed on family members. When Mary Ann saw how planning with long-term care insurance was such an affordable solution she wanted to spread the news and educate others so they may not have to go through what she did with her dad and their family. The former 4th grade teacher, mom and wife became focused on helping others plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging. Today, as a Long-Term Care Specialist, she sees firsthand how these same situations impact her clients and their families.

With a decade of experience, Mary Ann DeKing is considered the nation’s top long-term care planning specialist. Her focus is helping people plan for the physical, emotional and financial burdens Long Term Health Care can have on loved ones. Mary Ann has been named the country’s number one Long-Term Care Specialist by national trade and consumer advocacy group, the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI). She is also one of a handful of selected specialists nationwide who is endorsed by the AALTCI.

She uses her distinctive approach to help clients address the financial costs and burdens of aging. For example, Mary Ann understands that each client’s situation is unique, and does not recommend a one-size-fits-all solution. She works with all the major insurance companies offering traditional Long-Term Care insurance products including partnership plans, asset based solutions (“hybrid”: life or annuity policies with riders for long-term care) and Short-Term Care plans which offer affordable options for those who are older or have health issues.

“I am privileged that so many people allow me to assist their families in finding affordable solutions. The risk of a long-term care event is high, and the cost of extended care places tremendous pressure on families. I am honored so many people place their trust in me,” DeKing said.

Since 2008 Mary Ann DeKing has been a force in the Long-Term Care industry helping thousands of people from all over the country. Licensed in every state, she has been on the forefront of new technology that safely allows consumers to see her computer screen while she answers their questions on the telephone. This allows her clients more flexibility as they can meet with her at a convenient time for them, either at work or at home.